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The intersection between tablet proliferation and the transference of bacteria is of great concern. Each tablet inserted into a germ-sensitive environment adds 138 square inches of high-touch surface area to an already bacteria challenged location.

In this knowledge center, we will be providing references to studies, white papers, and other media content to help you understand the issues, evaluate our products, and become educated so that you can determine the best path forward for a safe and productive adoption of tablets.

5 Reasons to Clean & Disinfect Your Tablet

General Purpose Disinfection

5 Reasons to Disinfect Your Mobile Devices

In this 8 page eBook you will learn about:

  • The dangers of the organisms that can linger on mobile surfaces for months
  • Why you should clean and disinfect your mobile devices on a regular basis
  • How to properly disinfect high touch devices in accordance with CDC regulations for health care facilities.

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The Case About Cases

In this 18 page eBook you will learn:

  • The benefits that cases offer in terms of protection for tablet computers.
  • The dangers of using a case in a germ sensitive environment.
  • Solutions for how to safely use a case with the ReadyDock system.

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Is Disinfection Part of Your BYOD Policy?

In this 40 page eBook you will learn:

  • Your options for deploying mobile devices in your workplace.
  • The five most important considerations for a BYOD strategy.
  • How to easily incorporate disinfection into your policies.
  • A holistic approach to create an efficient policy for your workplace.

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