ReadyDock has provided tablet docking solutions for over 100 hospitals worldwide that support healthcare’s unique workflow. Pooled tablets, BYOD, Patients as users, adapting to Nurse shifts; our solutions are designed with clinicians and patients in mind…to insure that your tablets are ready and safe when they are needed to enhance – not inhibit – the delivery of healthcare.

ReadyDock™ is a high quality tablet peripheral & disinfection strategy providing charging, security, & disinfection of mobile devices in a single step.

ReadyDock is made by people who care about healthcare and know that integrating new processes into a medical environment requires deep thinking and collaboration with those in that environment.
Strategies to combat Health Acquired Infections (HAI) which impact over 1.7 million people per year at a cost of over 30 Billion dollars to the healthcare industries, often omit proper cleaning and disinfection that roaming, high-touch surfaces like the iPad’s introduce. ReadyDock is the first product to combine charging, security, and disinfection into a single process that supports the unique workflow seen in healthcare.

We hope you find ReadyDock™ an important part of your tablet mobilization strategy…and invite you to provide feedback to us at anytime to help us evolve the product even further.