Why ReadyDock?

Everything we do starts with our belief that providing a safe and simple way to manage and disinfect smart phones, TabletPCs and iPads will result in a safer and healthier environment for patients, care providers and their families.

Our commitment to this belief and to the patients our clients serve is unparalleled.

It is why we build the most advanced storage, charging and disinfecting system on the planet, why we partner with leaders in the industry and why we employ the most talented people in the country.

The ReadyDock Story:

Almost a decade ago we developed a ground-breaking software application to improve the quality and efficiency of care for oncology patients.

Patients were supplied a TabletPC before their visit with the oncologist to register and complete a comprehensive assessment. This information was then securely transmitted to their EMR while a report was automatically generated at the Physician’s personal workstation. The physician was then able to review patient reported symptoms making the encounter much more productive.

A great software application however, was only part of the story.